From being DEWA- and Internet-free, to offering various legal services like licensing and PRO, to being located near a metro station for easy travel - Maktabik Business Center provides a diverse array of amenities for your firm.
View our offices, located across many floors and get a glimpse of the corporate environment present in the Maktabik Business Center.
Effective communication is the KEY to everlasting success and prosperity, in today's competitive business market. Join us in creating a thriving business environment and collaborate with other companies present in our Business Center. Book Your Office Today!

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    Our Services

    Fully Furnished Offices with all Amenities
    We provide fully furnished and equipped office spaces on a flexible lease basis, allowing businesses to rent office space for short periods of time without long-term commitment. These offices are private (shared), and are set in a prime location in Dubai.
    Equipped Meeting Rooms and Conference Facilities
    Our meeting rooms and conference facilities can be rented on an hourly or daily basis, providing businesses with a professional setting to host meetings, presentations, and events - with projections, televisions and other connections to support you.
    Administrative Support Services
    Maktabik Business Center caters administrative support services such as printing, copying, and faxing, as well as secretarial and receptionist services, along with your own office reception.
    Networking Opportunities
    We offer multiple networking opportunities for professionals and businesses through events and meetings, which can help you build connections and collaborate with others.
    Corporate Ambience and Essentials
    With services like a relaxing lounge area, office reception, pantry access, free chiller, and no electricity bills to pay - Maktabik assures you with all the necessities you'll need to flourish your business, and importantly, enjoy the corporate environment.
    Convenient and Cost-effective
    We deliver seamless facilities, designed to enhance the experience of your workplace, that'll also meet your financial needs. Some of which are: - No capital cost - Located across a metro station - Ready to move - ATM facilities - Free DEWA - Free and speedy Internet connection

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    About us

    The DASH Group-founded – Maktabik Business Center, offers fully furnished offices to facilitate the growth and expansion of your firm. We offer complete business solutions for both start-ups and enterprises to meet your company needs.

    The newest addition to DASH Group, the leading service provider in the Middle East is Maktabik Business Center – created to satisfy your office demands and commercial requirements in this dynamic business environment. To do this, we provide a range of services. Our top objective is to offer a path to excellence and success, wherein you can take full advantage of our advantageous location.​

    The mission of DASH Group is to foster an atmosphere that allows businesses to flourish and achieve their full potential. Our overall purpose is to offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses and professionals to access essential resources and services without the need for large investments in office space and equipment.

    We aim to value our customers’ interests and assist them with developing their businesses.

    It’s not just a Business Center, it’s a Community.

    Intelligent Idea that work overtime for results that really matter to your business.

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